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A couple of strolls around the school with some old friends in 2000 and again in 2002.

For the photos just click on the titles shown under the "Gallery" tab.


There are also some little videos I made a LONG time ago: The Schools in 1989 - 3 mins 30 secs and OMA Centenary Dinner in 1986 - about 9 mins.


Here's another video from 2008 when Stephen Thomas (my bro!) was inaugurated as President of the OMA. Click here for the video - it's about 7 mins.


As for me, I was in Connaught 1959 - 1964, Junior 'F' House 1956 - 1959, School Second XV in rugger 1963 (due to all the injuries that term), chorister, Grade II piano, corporal in the Signals, Handwriting Prize, etc


Brian Thomas

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